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Transform Your Smile with Lumineers

At Bourbon Family Dentistry, we can transform any smile using the #1 requested veneer in the world, Lumineers. Whether your teeth are chipped, stained, gapped, or crooked, Lumineers custom designed veneers will give you a painless smile makeover so you can smile with confidence. Contact our team today and schedule a consultation to find out if Lumineers are right for you.

Young woman with glasses smiling at a park

Are Lumineers the Right Choice for You?

Because Lumineers are custom-made just for your teeth, they are an ideal solution to common cosmetic imperfections, including:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Small or uneven teeth

The Smile You’ve Always Wanted in Only 2 Visits

While traditional veneers can require three or more appointments, Lumineers can be placed in just two visits. After your consultation with one of our experienced dentists, we will take an impression of your teeth so that your Lumineers will fit your teeth perfectly. During your second visit, we will bond your Lumineers in place and check your bite to ensure they are functioning properly. It’s that easy! You’ll leave our office with a radiant smile that has been clinically proven to last more than 20 years.

Lumineers are Minimally Invasive and Painless

Lumineers have become the most popular type of veneer in the world due to their natural appearance and simple, painless application. Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers rarely require shots or extensive drilling. This means less irreversible damage to your teeth during the application process and no sensitivity afterward. With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that nearly 2 million patients have requested Lumineers for a new smile. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if Lumineers are right for you.

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